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Your imagination can create anything. So can our surfaces.

Versatility means turning anything you can imagine into reality. Neolith offers a world of possibilities where design, functionality and technology come together to make your dreams come true. 

If you can imagine it, Neolith can make it happen.

We live to create unique spaces. We create unique spaces designed to be lived in.


Every space has its own style.

The New Classtone.jpg


Feel the strength and light of natural stone.

From pure white to the deepest black, you choose the exact feeling you want the character, durability and beauty of natural stone to convey. 

Applied to any space, the new classtone result is always unique. And if you choose it for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, elegance is assured.

Abu Dhabi White.jpg

With its soft golden veining and grey speckles, it offers an original yet understated look. As if you were looking at the shimmering subtlety of the desert.



This model is an update to the natural material referred to as “superwhite.” It updates and mutes the tones toward a more grayish shade of elegance. 



Its dark, mysterious tones gradually give way to lighter ones in a reference to the light that rises from the treetops.



The dark, rhythmic veins contrast with a light background to make Arabesque one of the most striking of all the Neolith classtone models.



Inspired by the ripples of the desert dunes, the Arena model features a soft design full of nuances.

Aspen Grey.jpg

Aspen Grey

 Matte grey in color, the model features a myriad of elements randomly scattered throughout the piece to add visual appeal, depth and character.


Industrial meets natural.

On-trend materials blend with timeless proposals. The Fusion Collection is a combination irresistible for its strength, energy and different effects. 

From Shilin and Mar del Plata to New York, every model gives a bold, distinctive personality to any space. And an unmistakable industrial style to your kitchen countertop.



Inspired by different natural landscapes, the soft brown tones of this model add a major dose of warmth to any space.

Basalt Gray.jpg

Basalt Grey

Basalt Grey, one of the Neolith models inspired by basaltic stone, features a deep grey hue with feathery brushstrokes of light grey. 

Iron Copper.jpg

Iron Copper

Like all the models in this collection, it stays unchanged over time and has a distinct personality.

Iron Corten.jpg

Iron Corten

Unaffected by the passage of time, its orange tones and unique metallic touch make it a striking choice.


Metallic beauty that endures.

Iron has a striking personality that is immediately appealing. The seven models in this collection convey a bold, powerful and unchanging beauty. From greenish browns to greyish or reddish tones, the choice of iron brings tremendous strength and energy to any space.

And when it is used to create your kitchen countertop, it becomes the absolute star of the show.


Iron Frost

Its delicate brushstrokes of metallic shine on a white background with feathery light grey enhances the brightness of any space.

Iron Grey.jpg

Iron Grey

Iron Grey has a dark base in shades of grey mixed with a subtle shine that lends it its characteristic elegance.



Soothing colors that create harmony.

What is the color of the moon or smoke? Discover all the peacefulness and harmony of a collection that evokes feelings of nature and fully blends in with any architectural element.

Its enormous versatility means you can create your own world in any room because Colorfeel adapts to different styles and trends and always adds to any space.

Arctic White.jpg

Arctic White

It can be used in countless applications and fits in perfectly with any architectural element. Its crisp, cool robustness lends an impeccable aesthetic to any environment.

Just White.jpg

Just White

The cleanliness and purity of a matte white. The naturalness and strength of a powerful presence. The unsurpassed features of Neolith. 



Nero is the ultimate classic, its elegance and restraint adapting to any style and trend. This choice ensures sophistication in large and small rooms.



A soft pearl grey like silk taken to its most beautiful expression. Perla is perfect for use in any space where you want serenity and delicateness.


When a kitchen is unique, you want it to last forever.

Neolith transforms your kitchen into much more than just another room, turning it into a unique space that’s all about you. Neolith's incredible performance and features, like its versatility and resistance, take cooking to a whole new level.

Which means that you can keep creating and enjoying every day in your kitchen as if it were the first.

Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 8.02.01 AM.png

Turn cooking into a whole new experience.

When you have a countertop with outstanding features, like durability and an ultra-hygienic surface, cooking turns into a whole new experience. Discover how you can be inspired without limits, improvise, and create with complete freedom of movement. 

No wonder Neolith kitchen countertops are used in restaurants and homes around the world. They are a constant incentive to enjoy the kitchen, to savor each of its moments.

Near_Zero-removebg-preview (1).png






Screenshot 2023-01-27 164401.jpg

A unique material that speaks volumes about you.

A rough texture to awaken sensations, a material polished to perfection, a totally natural feel..

With its range of finishes, your Neolith kitchen countertop can convey whatever you want it to.

Which means that every time you cook, you'll get to enjoy its inspiring presence and design as well as its outstanding functionality.


Welcome to absolute well-being.

Walking into a Neolith bathroom means experiencing a new level of relaxation and well-being. The seamless flow of the room creates a sense of continuity, a perfect balance that completely surrounds you. 

Add Neolith's innovative design and enormous versatility to this feeling, and you can create any bathroom your imagination can envision.


Complete harmony: body and mind.

When everything around you is in balance, your body and mind can relax and feel the wellbeing that such a moment brings.

By fully integrating into the space and creating a unique world where only the here and now exists, balance is exactly what Neolith bathroom countertops can provide.

Its stunning design and amazing features give each space a life of its own.

Near_Zero-removebg-preview (1).png






Screenshot 2023-01-28 085735.jpg

Neolith colors and textures for every taste.

Neutral or bright colors, natural or industrial-inspired designs...

Neolith offers an extensive range of finishes and options to make your bathroom countertop the perfect way to experience unforgettable moments.

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