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Serving all of Hawaii


Todd Branson Stoneworks HAWAII services all of the Islands of Hawaii.

Our Headquarters in on the Island of Oahu in Kailua.

For any other Island of Hawaii, we would fly over to measure, we fabricate in our shop, crate the stone and send it over to the other Island. Then we fly over with our Crew.  We will install at Homeowner's Home

Photo - 86 Logistics.png

Custom crating to house Silver Travertine 2cm Honed and Filled

Photo - 87 Logistics.png

45' Flat Rack with approximately 43 slabs. A total of

8 custom built crates fits perfect and just shy of 4" for this rack. Smooth fit.

Photo - 88 Logistics.png

Here our team is receiving the load of 8 crates.

Each crate weighting anywhere between 4,500lbs-6,800lbs.

Photo - 89 Logistics.png
Photo - 90 Logistics.png
Photo - 91 Logistics.png
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